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Wenzhou xidelon Valve Co., Ltd. has high-precision cutting-edge processing design personnel and production equipment,
as well as perfect testing and management procedures.The company mainly produces high platform flange ball valve,
high platform flange three-way ball valve, high platform thin ball valve, low platform flange ball valve, low platform flange three-way ball valve
Thin ball valve, high performance butterfly valve, check valve, plug valve, sight glass, hand wheel operating mechanism (pneumatic clutch),
product driving mode: manual, pneumatic, electric, worm gear……

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  • Flange Ball Valves
  • Two - piece high platform flange ball valve
  • High platform flange ball valve
  • High platform fixed Q47FHY ball valve

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  • Years of industry experience, casting quality

    Focus on high platform ball valve manufacturers, managers, rich valve production of modern enterprises,We have an experienced technical research and development team, qualified management personnel and spacious production environment.
  • Strict quality inspection and stable quality

    It mainly produces thin ball valve, high platform flange ball valve, three-way ball valve
  • Focus on details, be honest and trustworthy

    Pay attention to details, pay attention to quality, and create a good reputation of peers
  • After sale service

    Focus on technology, stable production equipment, quality staff, close service, is our product pure quality foundation.

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